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Ballyheigue Area Description

Ballyheigue (also spelled Ballyheige, Irish: Baile Uí Thaidhg) is a coastal village in County Kerry in Ireland. It is approximately 18 km (11 mi) north of Tralee on the R551. It is a scenic resort town with many miles of beaches that connect to Banna Strand to the south, and Kerry Head to the north. View from Kerryhead, Sunset on the Atlantic and Mt. Brandon Ballyheigue as seen from the strand Ballyheigue has a total population of 2,035. This is made up of 1,460 people from the Ballyheigue area and 575 people from the Kerryhead DED area(CSO 2006). Census Note: the Civil Parish of Ballyheigue ceased to be used for census purposes in the mid 19th century when District Electoral Divisions (DEDs) were introduced. Ballyheigue comprises the DEDs of Ballyheigue and Kerryhead. See map of Ballyheigue and its townlands Ballyheigue DED includes the townlands of Ballinclemesig, Ballyheigue, Ballyronan, Booleenshere, Buncurrig, Caherulla, Castleshannon, Cloghanebane, Cloghaneleesh, Dirtane, Doonamontane, Dromgower, Glenlea, Heirhill, Knockane, Tiershanaghan and Toanreagh. Kerryhead DED includes the townlands of Ballylongane, Dreenagh, Dromatoor, Glandahalin East and West, Glenderry, Maulin and Tiduff. [edit] History The Cantillons came to Ireland in the wake of the invasion by Richard de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke (in Wales), alias "Strongbow", the leading Cambro-Norman of the day, and with the consent of Henry II of England, who was also Duke of Normandy, and Count of Anjou. Ballyheigue Castle In the sixteenth century the Cantillon lands were confiscated by Elizabeth I and granted to the Crosbies.One of the Cantillon descendants who fled to France was recognised officially there as Baron de Ballyheigue.[citation needed] The village is overlooked by a castle built by the Crosbie family in 1812, the castle was burnt down by the Irish Republican Army during the War of Independence. The castle was allegedly haunted, and a paranormal appearance of a cavalier dubbing a visitor was recorded in June 1962 by Patrick Denis O'Donnell, who vacationed there. The appearance was linked to the famous Danish Silver Raid in 1731, as it occurred on its anniversary. The castle grounds have since been turned into a golf course. Amenities Each summer a village festival is held and includes horse racing on the beach. A playground was opened in 2006, located beside the beach. The area offers countryside walks. The local community centre also houses an Internet Cafe, Gym and laundry as well as providing local services. Ballyheigue Castle Golf Course is a 9 hole course is situated in the grounds of the old Crosby Castle estate.

Source : Wikipedia.org

Ballyheigue House Prices

Date SOLD Address Selling Price
2020-10-22 63 Ladywell, Ballyheigue, Kerry € 162500
2020-10-06 The Green, Ballyheigue, Co Kerry € 265000
2020-10-05 Dromgower, Ballyheigue, Tralee € 125000
2020-10-02 66 Ladywell, Ballyheigue, Kerry € 155000
2020-09-21 Tiduff, Ballyheigue, Tralee € 60000
2020-09-11 Maulin, Ballyheigue, Co Kerry € 82000
2020-09-10 Main St, Ballyheigue, Kerry € 173000
2020-08-19 Ballylongane, Ballyheigue, Co Kerry € 455000
2020-07-23 Buncurrig, Ballyheigue, Co Kerry € 75000
2020-07-08 West Winds, Main St, Ballyheigue € 110000
2020-05-25 Tiershanahan, Ballyheigue, Co Kerry € 91000
2020-03-02 Caherulla, Ballyheigue, Kerry € 165000
2019-12-20 Chapel Rd, Ballyheigue, Kerry € 170000
2019-12-17 7 Mountway, Ballyheigue, Tralee € 140000
2019-12-16 Cliff Rd, Ballyheigue, Kerry € 86000
2019-12-16 Doonamountane, Ballyheigue, Kerry € 272000
2019-11-18 19 Ladywell, Ballyheigue € 255000
2019-11-14 20 Kerry Holiday Cottage, Ballyheigue, Co Kerry € 135000
2019-11-05 Ballylongane, Ballyheigue, Co Kerry € 185000
2019-11-01 67 Ladywell, Ballyheigue, Kerry € 166000
2019-10-03 32 Barr Na Sraide, Ballyheigue, Tralee € 260000
2019-09-30 23 Ladywell, Ballyheigue, Co Kerry € 160000
2019-06-14 18 Ladywell, Ballyheigue € 230000
2019-05-29 5 Barr Na Straide, Ballyheigue, Straide € 219000
2019-05-27 Dromgower, Chapel Road, Ballyheigue € 90000
2019-04-26 28 Barr Na Sraide, Ballyheigue, Kerry € 221000
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